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01. Out With The Crow

02. There She Waits

03. Wanderin' Heart

04. Little Box

05. Searching For The Truth

06. Hallelujah

07. Harvest

08. Say Yer Sorry

09. May

10. Darlin Love

11. Make It Rain

12. Giant

Inaiah Lujan
Vocals / Guitar / Banjo / Toy Piano

Desirae Garcia
Vocals / Baritone Ukulele / Kazoo

Chela Lujan
Vocals / Banjo / Guitar

Sean Fanning
Upright Bass / Vocals / Soprano & Banjo Ukulele / Melodica

Mike Clark
Mandolin / Guitar / Harmonica / Fiddle / Concertina

Recorded / Mixed / Engineered by

Inaiah Lujan & Sean Fanning
at Casa De Windchimes in Pueblo, Colorado

Album layout & design by
Inaiah Lujan & Mike Clark
With assistance from Holly Garlow

Photography by
Kevin Ihle & Holly Garlow
Booklet photography by The Haunted Windchimes
Center booklet photo by Kevin Ihle & Holly Garlow

Costume design by
Desirae Garcia & Chela Lujan
Concept: Mike Clark

Mastered by
Micajah Ryan at Air House
Assisted by: Ryan Rodine

April 06, 2012
Blank Tape

"The group has perfected the art of the truly collaborative album, and that’s something that should be applauded, because it sounds great."
- A.V. Club

"...the strongest and most diverse Haunted Windchimes album yet - one where you remember the performances of each member, not merely the songs. Each 'Chime was given the room to explore their craft and all five have moments and songs where you feel them breaking through."


Out With The Crow Live at the Western Jubilee
Honey Moonshine Verse / Visa